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Investment is a key to long-term wealth

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Forex Education & trainings are our core areas and we conduct basic professional and corporate level Forex Trading Trainings. We have expertised in development, testing, optimization and sale of Forex Robots(Expert Advisors) that work on MetaTrader 4 and Meta Trader 5 Platforms. We also provide customized trainings of our products and technical support to our customers. Each of our product is offered after extensive performance check through “back testing”, “Demo testing” and “Real time testing” in Forex Market. The results of these tests are also provided for better understanding and decision making of our customers. We do not make claims that are not supported with evidence of market results. We understand the nature of Forex market and need/ expectations of our clients. Our automated solutions for Forex Trading i.e Forex EAs function continuously, seamlessly and reliably to obtain optimal profits with minimum risks. We provide a complete solution including EA software, optimum parametric settings, necessary training and a reliable backup technical support. Both a novice and an experienced trader can get benefit from our system equally. In addition to variety of EA systems, we also offer allied forex trading services and consultancy to our clients. We also look forward for esteem customers who can join us in a business partnership for mutual benefit. We are also proud to announce that "Pay2earn and UK forex academy" are the project of Liaison Technologies.

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We provide best opportunity of islamic investment for micro and mega investors.


We offer secure portfolios for every investor to enjoy handsome monthly earning.


Now you can enjoy rental profit every month on your investment with full security.


Our prime goal is to provide reliable and secure invest plans through new technology and global system.

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